Sporting Inflatables & Ball Launcher 

Multi Sports Arena
From £800.00

The Inflatable Arena provides a fun and vibrant space which can be used to host a range of sporting activities. The 7m x 15m floor-less arena is extremely versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of the sporting event you wish to hold but has been specifically designed for playing Dodgeball, 3 v 3 Football, Volleyball, Futsal, Street Handball, Street Floorball and Short Tennis.

The Inflatable Arena is for all ages, abilities and sporting capabilities.

The velcro banners around the arena can be taken off and branded with your own branding. The Arena can be set up on grass or other surfaces and can be used indoor or out. It has netted sides so the crowd can watch, cheer and
enjoy the fun!

The Ball Launcher

From £299.00*

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Designed for use by all abilities and ages, the Ball Launcher can launch size 3, 4 and 5 balls without the need for any adjustments to be made. From grass roots to professionals to corporate events to media days everyone can benefit and enjoy the wide range of fun drills that we can do with the Ball Launcher.

Our Ball Launcher machines are made from quality lightweight materials. Once it is set up for use the Ball Launcher will provide quality and reliable ball service time after time.

Foot Darts
From £299.00*

Foot Darts ( kick and stick a velcro football to a 5 metre high sticky, inflatable dartboard) is a highly visual inflatable which is guaranteed to bring lots of fun and captivate a large audience! Foot Darts is very versatile with a large variety of games to play and can be adapted to suit the needs of all ages and abilities. As well as encouraging active participation in sport, Foot Darts provides inclusive, competitive fun as players can compete to beat their own personal score or that of their peers. You can compete for the highest score and set a fixed starting position, Round The Clock, Bullseye, or if your party prefer you can just play the game for fun and have a kick about whilst improving individual accuracy.

The front panel is velcro so can be taken off and branded with your own branding.

Shoot Out
From £179.00*

The Shoot Out is a versatile game that has been designed to measure the accuracy of your shot or serve. The aim is to throw, kick or hit a ball through one of the circular targets. The Inflatable Shoot Out is suitable for a range of sports including football, dodgeball, racket sports and many more.

Alternatively, our Inflatable Shoot Out is the perfect game for players to practice or showcase their football shooting skills within a fun and engaging environment. The game can be played based on a points scoring system. Depending on the age and sporting ability of your party, the games and points scoring system can be adapted accordingly.

What’s included with the Inflatables and Ball Launcher

  • Inflatable / Launcher
  • Uniformed Operators
  • Equipment i.e Balls
  • Travel to Your Venue
  • Set Up and Set Down
  • 25M Electrical Cable + Pegs
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Risk Assessment
  • PAT tested electrical items provide as standard

Playing surface for the Inflatables and Ball Launchers

  • Flat grassed area – field or garden
  • Grounds of a large estate
  • Sports hall
  • Large soft play area
  • Astro turfed grounds

Our Inflatables can
be fixed on the following surfaces:

  • Flat grassed area in a field or garden
  • Large soft play area
  • Astro turfed grounds

Need to Know

We will arrive on site approximately one hour before your booked time.

60 mins to set up time required and 60 mins to set down.

* Prices are on a 3 hour hire (this does not include set up or break down)

* Additional hour is £60.00 per hour

The ground to be:

  • Level and sufficient space for 15m x 20m play area so we can bring the correct fixings
  • Grassed, turfed, large soft play area or sports hall
  • Free from debris and sharp objects
  • Access to power for continuous inflation of the board. If there is no electricity, we have generators you can hire for £50.00

For more information contact

Tel: Mike 07912 879927


For more information contact

Tel: Mike 07912 879927